“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

We want our community to grow and be in leading phases.

Therefore, we want to connect them with power of  self-awareness,

consciousness and mindfulness through music.


Our blogs tend to outreach the scientific content to the community which focus on

self - growth


We are obsessively passionate about giving the resources back to our community.


Our music renders the significance of music therapy.

In this strife-torn world, real peace and fulfillment remain as elusive as it was to the early man, even as he hunted and gathered to survive a harsh environment. Today, more than ever Mankind needs something to calm that inner being that is screaming to be heard even as life hurtles at breakneck speed.

Is there a magic wand that can ease us out of this self-induced mayhem?

Science has undisputed evidence that there are several avenues to achieve Nirvana. Avenues that have been part of ancient cultural practices from the world over. Meditation is one tried and tested mind tool that can get you there with minimal effort.

Not everyone is blessed with the time or the inclination to sit still to meditate and yet, it is they who need it more than anyone else.

This is where Nirvaan Music comes in. With a cocktail of sound frequencies that are specially designed to soothe, calm, and bring about blessed peace within you, it is meditation at its effortless best


Nirvaan means to attain a state of total peace and bliss.